EventBrite vs. EventSprout

Maggie Korte

Looking to make the switch to an EventBrite alternative like EventSprout?

We’ve compared EventSprout to EventBrite and put together a list of the findings we think are most important to our Event Organizers.

Check it out…

1. EventSprout pays you before your event and more frequently than EventBrite

Tired of waiting to receive your ticket revenue until after your event? EventSprout doesn’t hold your money until your event’s over! We know that you could be spending that revenue on preparations for your event, and we’re here to make sure you can if you so choose.

In partnership with our payment processor, Stripe, we’ve made it so that EventSprout’s Event Organizers can receive payouts before their event even occurs (no matter the size). Better yet, you can even opt to get paid daily, an option that EventBrite doesn’t offer.

2. EventSprout has offline point-of-sale and scanning capabilities

EventSprout was built by Event Organizers, so we know that internet connectivity can be a huge concern when selling tickets at your event. Since so many events take place in large areas with no built-in WiFi connection, we built a system that can completely operate offline if need be. That gives us a huge leg up on ticketing platforms like EventBrite, who rely on an internet connection to sell tickets on-site.

We know you have a lot to worry about when hosting your event, and we don’t want selling tickets to be one of them. With our EventSprout point-of-sale app, you can accept payments with no internet connection.

3. EventSprout offers more bang for your buck

EventBrite’s Essentials Plan (comparable to our Self-Service Plan) includes limited features that make selling tickets as simple and convenient as possible. At EventSprout, we want our small and medium sized events to have access to our best features while also keeping fees low for their customers.

We believe in keeping costs low while still providing as many features as possible to all of our Event Organizers. By signing up for EventSprout’s ‘starter’ level, you’ll get dozens more perks than you’ll get from signing up for EventBrite’s, including: multiple ticket types, ability to sell tickets through your own website, customizable check-out forms, team permissions, payments before your event, and many more.

4. EventSprout has detailed dynamic pricing

Event Organizers on EventSprout can share ticket stock between multiple ticket types, as well as set up date-based and stock-based price increases.

Shared stock allows for ticket capacities to be shared between two or more ticket types. If you have multiple ticket types but one overall capacity for your event, sharing stock is great for ensuring you maximize your ticket sales without exceeding your attendee limit.

Date-based and stock-based pricing is a feature that allows for automatic price increases based on the date or the number of tickets that have been sold. Date-based or stock-based pricing can be set individually per ticket. Ticket prices will adjust based on the limits set by the Event Organizer. No need to create multiple ticket types with multiple prices like you would on EventBrite - just set when you'd like the price to change and it'll be done automatically!

5. EventSprout is more flexible

EventSprout cares about and listens to its customers, no matter the size. We’ve improved upon and created new features based on our customers’ suggestions. Our system is more flexible than EventBrite’s, allowing us to adapt quickly to the industry’s ever changing trends. If you have an idea for a new feature or a suggestion for an improvement, we will listen with open ears.