EventSprout’s Virtual Event Platform Is Designed To Simplify Live Stream Ticketing

Maggie Korte

Whether you’re hosting an online-only event or a hybrid one, EventSprout’s stress-free event live streaming software makes it easy for you to manage your live stream and for your customers to enjoy it.

When we at EventSprout began building our own event live streaming software, we conducted ample research to determine what problems other platforms have that we could solve. We took what we learned and built our own virtual event platform with features that solve the problems we found elsewhere.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of our favorite features of EventSprout’s virtual event platform; all designed to make it simple and efficient to sell tickets to and host your event live stream.

Features of EventSprout’s Virtual Event Software

1. Live Stream Access Management

A common challenge Event Organizer’s face on other event live streaming platforms is efficient attendee list management. On EventSprout, live stream access management is easy and convenient. You’ll save time by registering and streaming to your customers all from EventSprout, rather than downloading and uploading your attendees from one platform to another.

When you host a live streamed event through EventSprout, your customers will be sent an access link immediately upon registration. Even better, their event live stream links will be restricted to work only on one device, helping to prevent link sharing and ensuring all of your customers are paying for the event you’re producing. The entire process is automated; once you set up your event, we’ll get the information your customers need sent directly to them.

Plus, you can collect any customer information you want at check-out (t-shirt size, waiver agreements, etc.) by simply adding more questions to our easy-to-use Order Form editor. Our CRM software organizes your attendee information so that you can sort through and manage your attendees in an efficient way.

2. Live Stream Chat

While online events simply won’t be able to produce the same attendee experience as in-person events, there are ways to encourage engagement amongst your customers. For one, our live stream chat box creates an opportunity for your fans or attendees to share their excitement, ideas, and feedback with one another.

Your attendees can create usernames and chat with one another in a chat box alongside the stream throughout the duration of the event. Whether you’re hosting a business conference and want your colleagues to chime in with their thoughts, or you’re hosting a concert and want your fans to share their enthusiasm, the chatbox is the perfect opportunity to personalize the live stream experience and create audience interaction.

Don’t worry, though - event hosts have the ability to mute users and delete comments, if necessary.

3. Watch From Any Device

Most Event Organizers want the process to be easy and seamless for their customers to sign up for their virtual events. However, many platforms require attendees to jump through hoops to access the event live stream feed. From required software downloads to account creations with third-party live streaming services, other platforms don’t make the customer experience simple and straight-foward.

Enter EventSprout, where event live stream attendees can join the action simply by clicking on their unique link; no additional software needs to be downloaded and no account needs to be created. Your customers can watch directly from their browsers from anywhere; their mobile devices, laptops, or desktops. They won’t be thrown from one website to another; they’ll appreciate attending a live streamed event that’s easy to access and enjoy.

4. Get Paid On Your Time

Tired of waiting to get your ticket revenue until after your event has concluded? If so, you’re not alone. Now more than ever, Event Organizers want to be paid in real time.

At EventSprout, we think it makes sense for you to get your ticket revenue as it comes in; that’s why we offer daily, weekly, and monthly payouts for our Event Organizers who want to get paid on their time.

5. Accept Event Live Stream Donations

Searching for an opportunity to earn some revenue for your non-profit or organization in a way that’s safe and socially distant? Or hoping to raise money for charity while also making some money on your own event?

Virtual events are the perfect option for anyone looking to reel in some extra income during the COVID-19 pandemic, or, really, any time at all. They’re usually more affordable to produce than an in-person event and can handle more attendees, too.

Our virtual events software allows for a seamless transition from in-person to online conferences, meetings, concerts, and more. You can sell tickets to your event or you can create a donation-only event. Better yet, you can sell tickets and offer your customers the option to make an additional donation if they’re willing and able.

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