Introducing the EventSprout Blog & Newsletter

Maggie Korte

We are often asked to share feature overviews, helpful resources, and other best practices for running smooth, seamless events and ticketing operations. In addition to providing a deeper-dive into our features, we will also periodically publish some of our lessons learned and words of wisdom about four main topics:

1.     Generating more revenue
2.     Reducing costs
3.     Being efficient
4.     Keeping data secure

These four priorities are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they all connect and intersect in various ways. It will be our goal to pass along our experiences on how these four areas affect one another and to provide insight we have learned as to what trends and techniques are currently working in the events industry.

As your ticketing and admissions partner, we are constantly improving and building new features with you in mind. Our goal is to not only be a ticketing platform that adapts to your needs as times change but to also be a partner  to help our customers generate more revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve security.

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