Introducing Live Streaming on EventSprout

Maggie Korte

Online events may have been catapulted into popularity due to the surge of COVID-19, but they certainly aren't going anywhere when the storm clears. As event planners (and partakers) have been forced to pivot since live events came to a screeching halt in the spring of this year, virtual events and event live streams have become the new norm. Events of all kinds - from conferences to concerts to air shows - that would have taken place in-person with dozens to thousands of attendees, are now taking place online.

Since we at EventSprout are constantly growing with and working to support our Event Organizers, we decided early on that as our partners adapt their events in response to COVID-19, our platform should make changes along with them. That's why we’ve built our very own virtual event software, which will allow our Event Organizers to effortlessly host live streamed events of all shapes and sizes!

Virtual Events Made Easy for Event Organizers

Introducing...Event Live Streaming on EventSprout!

We’re so excited to announce that you can now host your (virtual) events on! In addition to registering your attendees and processing payments on EventSprout as normal, you can now host your event live stream with us! We’re a one-stop-shop for all of your virtual events needs.

As an Event Organizer, you’ll follow 3 simple steps to create your live-streamed online event: build, configure, stream.

  1. Build. Set up an event as you normally would and enable the live stream functionality with the click of a button - literally. When a live stream is enabled, your customers will be sent unique links to join with every registration.
  2. Configure. In preparation for the live stream, you’ll need to download OBS software (no separate account needed!). When you’re ready to stream, simply configure the Server URL and Stream Key provided by EventSprout into OBS.
  3. Stream. Lights, camera, action! Just connect your content stream to OBS and go live when you’re ready.

We're big on efficiency at EventSprout, and our new event live streaming functionality makes hosting a virtual event about as efficient as it can get. Our user-friendly, easy-to-operate system will make your transition from in-person to online events simple and convenient.

Best of all - our virtual events feature is completely free to the Event Organizer.

(You can find step-by-step directions on how to host your live stream here.)

Virtual Events Made Easy for Attendees

Hosting a virtual event on EventSprout makes sense for not only the Event Organizers, but for the customers too. With three simple steps - pay, join, watch - our live stream functionality will make the attendee experience seamless and enjoyable.

That’s right - your viewers won’t have to download software, create an account, or go to great lengths to connect to your event - we'll send them their live stream link upon registration, and they can watch directly from their browser without leaving EventSprout!

Additionally, your viewers will be able to chat with one another while simultaneously watching your live stream. The chat tends to make the virtual experience more authentic, and encourages interaction between you and your fans/participants.

Learn More

For an in-depth look at what sets EventSprout’s virtual event platform apart from others, visit our blog titled EventSprout’s Virtual Event Platform Is Designed To Simplify Live Stream Ticketing.

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