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Maggie Korte

The team at EventSprout has a long history of working with motorsports events: demo derbies, Figure 8’s, dirt, asphalt, and more. Because of that history, we know and understand the challenges that raceways face when selling tickets online and at the gate. That’s why, no matter the size of your track event, EventSprout has made it easy and convenient to sell admission tickets online and in person, handle driver registrations, and manage fan access at the gate. Throughout the years, motorsports events have always stayed top of mind as we develop new features on EventSprout.

With a focus on outdoor events, we’re constantly working to ensure our ticketing platform is as user-friendly as possible. Whether you’re selling tickets online for your track for the first time ever or have plenty of experience, we’re certain EventSprout will be the best ticketing solution for you. Because of our commitment to optimizing our software for track events, EventSprout is the ticketing platform of choice for raceways all over the US. Keep reading to see why EventSprout may be a good fit for your raceway.

Selling Tickets Online Through EventSprout Is Free For Event Organizers

That’s right - EventSprout is completely free to the Event Organizer if you choose to pass the fees along to the customer. You won’t have to pay a dime and you’ll still receive access to all of the amazing features we have to offer that can improve your ticketing process: automated pricing schedules, embeddable ticket widgets, live streaming, and more.

You’ll Have Immediate Access To Your Ticket Revenue

Unlike other ticketing platforms, EventSprout never holds on to money that’s rightfully yours. You’ll have access to your ticket revenue as it comes in daily; you’ll never have to wait until the event is over to receive the money you made months ago. Instead, you’ll have full control over when you deposit your money to your bank account.

With daily, weekly, and monthly payout options, you’ll get paid on the schedule that works for you.  

Increase Revenue with Reserved Seating Options

With a full-service account, we will build a seating chart for your grandstands that’s easy to look at AND easy to use. Reserved seating makes purchasing tickets to seated events more convenient (for both you and your customers) than ever before. Your customers will be impressed with the simplicity and ease of the purchase flow, and you’ll save time and energy managing your inventory.

Plus, selling advance reserved seats makes day-of-event operations run smoother too. You’ll be able to scan customers into your event in seconds and minimize the staff capacity needed for box office sales.

Racer Registrations and Team Access with Waivers

We get it - you need a convenient and secure way to keep your racers engaged and in check at the same time. Our system was created with track operators in mind. On EventSprout, you can add full question & answer fields to any racer registration, ensuring you get the important information in a simple and organized fashion. Our functionality allows you to create a more secure waiver approval and validation system. Additionally, our customizable team credentials system allows teams to register for their credentials in a convenient yet secure way based upon the driver/car registration.

As an added benefit, try teaming this functionality with our automatic Dynamic Pricing feature in order to incentivize early registrants. For example, you can implement a dynamic pricing schedule that offers the first 10 or 15 racers $5 or $10 off their registration, and you can up your normal price once you have hit your target number of racers, maximizing your revenues for all the extra work on the overflow weekends.  

Learn more about Dynamic Pricing here.

Point-Of-Sale And Scanners That Work Offline

At EventSprout, we know that WiFi isn’t always accessible or reliable, especially in the outskirts of town. That’s why we made sure our point-of-sale and scanning equipment would still work without internet access.

Our software can accept payments and scan tickets all without being connected to the internet. Don’t worry about relying on a strong internet connection for gate operations to run smoothly - on EventSprout, you can take comfort in knowing that no matter what happens with your WiFi, our software won’t hold you back from selling tickets or scanning your customers into your event.

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