Sell Tickets To Your Meeting, Conference, or Course on Zoom

Maggie Korte

Zoom, though it’s been around for nearly a decade, has become a household name over the past year. A leader in video conferencing, Zoom makes it easy to virtually connect face-to-face with colleagues, friends, and family all over the world (for free!). A great resource on it’s own, Zoom can be an even better tool for Event Organizers when it’s paired with EventSprout, a reliable and easy-to-use ticketing and access control system.

Noticing a need for a reliable virtual events ticketing platform, we built an integration with Zoom so that Event Organizers can start monetizing their video conferences without having to switch from the platform their fans are familiar with. With the ability to easily connect Zoom and sell tickets to Zoom conferences through EventSprout, Event Organizers everywhere can begin to monetize their virtual events that otherwise would have had to be free.

The best part for the Zoom users out there who are looking to sell tickets to their online meetings is that EventSprout is completely free. Ticketing fees are passed along to the customers, which means signing up, connecting your Zoom account, and selling tickets will cost you nothing.

The Zoom integration on EventSprout opens up a world of possibilities for Event Organizers who may already be hosting events through Zoom or are new to the world of virtual events altogether. There are numerous benefits to integrating your Zoom account with EventSprout, some of them being:

1. Monetizing your events

•  Sell tickets to a Zoom conference, course, webinar, or event that would otherwise be free to attendees
• Offer various ticket types at different price points to maximize revenue
• Accept donations for your organization or charity
• Dynamic pricing feature automatically changes ticket price based on date and/or time according to your pricing schedule

2. Managing Your Attendee Information

• Conveniently collect and manage attendee data
• Create customized check-out forms
• Easy-to-read demographic and accounting reports

3. Automating Communication

• Customers register and pay online through our credit card processor
• Attendees are automatically sent Zoom links and reminders prior to event
• Confirmation emails and receipts are automatically sent upon check-out

4. Customizable Event Pages

• Create a customized event landing page
• Provide event-specific information to customers before and after check-out

If you’ve been wondering how to make money on those virtual courses you’ve been hosting, or are simply looking for a simpler way to register and manage your attendees, the Zoom integration on EventSprout is the perfect solution.

To start selling tickets online through EventSprout, click here. For directions on how to connect Zoom to your EventSprout account, click here.